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About K-9 Alliance of Iowa

The founders began working together in 2008 to assist working dog teams in the state of Iowa, helping to improve the level of capabilities of scent detection dogs of all kinds-most especially search and rescue and law enforcement .  In 2009, K-9 Alliance of Iowa was officially formed as a non- profit organization and began hosting seminars, workshops and sponsoring search dog workouts (a special service where the Alliance helps a unit or group put on a very focused workshop or training strictly for their benefit).

The Alliance has since become the hub of information, training and is a common ground for teams across the state, the Midwest and the country.  We are proud to offer a place for handlers of all backgrounds and specialties a neutral and educational environment to learn, share ideas and network.  In the years that the Alliance has been active, an open line of communication has opened up across former boundaries allowing handlers to work together for training and on actual cases.

While our focus has been primarily on police and volunteer search dogs our goals have always been to include all types of working dogs.  The Alliance supports training for sport, competition and hunting dogs of all kinds.

The Alliance recognizes that training for all dogs involved in hunting, sport, law enforcement and search and rescue benefit from transcending the lines of their particular disciplines to work on the root basis for their drive to perform.  The Alliance embraces the differences in effective training styles, disciplines and team affiliations.

K9 Alliance is a 501(c)3 not for profit organization that fosters and encourages cooperation, the sharing of information, training and education for the advancement of working K9 teams.  Each of the directors brings their own experience, viewpoint, background, and organizational affiliations to the table. This ensures that handlers and others will find training, information, and communication that is helpful and suited to their interest and needs.

Our objectives include:

  • Foster and encourage cooperation
  • Facilitate an open line of communication
  • Assist in training and education by sponsoring training events, seminars, workshops and other related activities
  • Support all legitimate and effective avenues of qualifying K9 teams for work or mission ready status
Recent Events

The Drive Building Workshop with Mark Keating was was a huge success! Thank you AKC CAR!

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